5 Reasons Why Medical Weight Loss Can Help Meet Your Health Needs

Coexisting conditions can be safely managed

Many diets can cause serious and even life-threatening complications for patients suffering from chronic medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. When you choose medical weight loss services, Dr. Maribao tailors a health and wellness plan to you, taking special care to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy despite your medical history or current diagnoses.

Just as your diet is designed to provide all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to safely manage any health conditions and accommodate any restrictions, your exercise regimen is also tailored to your needs.

Real-time monitoring and assessment

When you jump on a diet bandwagon at home, may monitor a couple of things, such as your weight and your jeans size, but when you follow a supervised weight loss plan from Dr. Maribao, you gain access to much more information about your progress. Dr. Maribao will monitor your weight, body mass index, percentage of body fat, inches, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and even lab values such as cholesterol, to measure your success. He will also access your current lifestyle and determine if you need to make changes to your diet and physical activity level to effectively lose weight. If he feels that a change in diet and exercise is not enough, Dr. Maribao may go over more invasive weight loss options such as gastric bypass surgery, with you.

The best benefit of real-time monitoring is real-time redirection, if necessary. Your regimen can be adjusted each time you meet with your doctor to ensure that the efforts you put forth have the greatest possible impact on your results.

Change that lasts beyond the program

Medical weight loss programs are created with you in mind and address both your physical and emotional health. Because medical weight loss programs focus on the whole person and producing real, long-term change, they're more likely to produce change that lasts.

That means that you can do your part to avoid fluctuating weight — and the myriad of health problems that accompany those fluctuations — by partnering with a doctor to build a program that works now and indefinitely. Dr. Maribao and his staff will continue to provide ongoing support through your weight loss journey.

Identification of underlying conditions

A lot of patients try diet after diet without much luck. Either they struggle to reach their goals in the first place, or they do lose the weight but then fall right off the wagon again. In some rare cases, underlying medical conditions are contributing to either the weight gain or the difficulty in losing weight.

Some of the conditions that might contribute to these problems include an underactive thyroid, a decline in hormone production related to age, Cushing's syndrome, depression, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Additionally, some medications or combinations of medications can cause problems with weight. When you choose medical weight loss, Dr. Maribao can help identify or rule out these causes and then mitigate the risk of impact so you can move forward successfully.

Reduced out-of-pocket costs

Many insurance companies cover medical weight loss services when medically necessary, which means you may be able to receive a customized treatment plan and continued coaching and monitoring from your physician for less out-of-pocket costs than you would pay for over-the-counter diet pills or programs.

Our staff members take a special interest in helping patients achieve their ideal weight and are eager to assist you. Call our office today at 586-229-1045 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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